Thursday, June 21, 2007

Elect Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now

You don't become President. The Presidency is an institution and you have temporary custody of it.
-Ronald Reagan

In the four short years of the office's term, the man elected must rise up to and sustain the Constitutional oath: '... that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.'

There is no pledge as powerful and as selfless, because it demands that the succeeding custodian of the Presidency continue the eternal uphill struggle for, by and against the myriad domestic and foreign issues that eclipse our lives: hostile world leaders; growing numbers of disillusioned and dissatisfied citizens; invidious politicians on both sides of the aisle who handily switch from ally to adversary between sunrise and sunset; biased media reporting intent on thwarting the Chief Executive's credibility; predisposed civilian groups aggressively intoning issue after issue (whether relevant or not) -- to name a few. And there remains the singular matter that requires our sitting and future President's attention 24/7: the promise by riotous Islamic terrorists to cause America's destruction.

In view of these contentious realities, what distinctions should Americans expect from our next President?

Above all: Leadership. He must be governed by a steel-eye countenance in order to effectively assume the mantle of Commander in Chief and stand knuckle to knuckle with our avowed enemies -- upholding the principle that America takes a backseat to no one.

The next man destined to serve the American people knows to expect a daunting hand-off from George W. Bush, which is why that man must also cross the threshold of the Oval Office fully armed with practical business and management experience required for controlling the White House.

He will be a man who says what he means and means what he says.

He must possess unshakable moral integrity.

He must be fearless when confronted with intense and unending enmity and criticism.

He must passionately pursue every best measure necessary to defend our nation and amplify our security, no matter the cost.

These are only some of the reasons why the Republican Party should not support a candidate who is only partially qualified for the post. To invest any hope in a man based solely on poll popularity or, worse, name recognition, could prove fatal for a teetering GOP and the American people. It would be as dangerous as placing our trust in a non-FDIC bank with a flashy name that caters mainly to the glitterati while dealing junk bonds to the middle class.

We would be incompetent if we champion any Presidential candidate who has broken his sacred marriage vows, or who is inclined to emotional unevenness. The Presidency has already suffered enough shame, so we should not risk the possibility of more reprehensible maltreatment of the station.

We must therefore seriously consider that one candidate who is wholly qualified to be the 44th President of the United States ... that one candidate who is capable of rising up to and sustaining the Constitutional oath ... that one man who can lead us back up the iron mountain we proudly call America.

Choose carefully. Our lives, and the life of our country, depends on it.

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